Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Trim Again

New barn, and new trimmer...going on recommendation of the barn owner.  Her horse feet look great and balance is key for her high performance work.  So Kit got a trim from a new farrier on Friday June 22. 
She got them closer than any previous trims to date, but that is in part to two things, first takes time for the hoof material to grow out to allow the trim.

Second:  This was key.  She did the "guarded" foot left front, first and had no expectations of difficulties, so he just gave it to her.  I do like to think it was also in part to the nice dose of Rescue Remedy I gave him 20 minutes prior to the work as well.  But he did SOOOOOO much better this time.

We did the trim, start to finish in less then 30 minutes!! A new record.

MONDAY June 25, 2012

After the trim, balance check on KIT, I did a little ground work to see how the trim balance had worked for him. They are sometimes a bit sore, a couple of days after, as the body adjusts to the new feel.  So the shots  below are 3 days later...

Please forgive my novice lunge style, I'm a therapist, not a trainer. But Kit has a good foundation and he's smart, so he figures it out. 

His movement is getting better, the right front tracking more evenly, and he is not loading his left front so I think physical and mental progress is being made.  I even got a little attitude, which makes me think he's mentally moving past the "I can't do it" thinking...and feeling like a real horse once more.

The hard part is getting time to work with him, as this is my busy season with my horse work, but I'm not going anywhere and neither is he, so the time will come.  In the meantime he's at a great facility and getting the best care. I love being there with him whenever I can.

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