Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cold Day with Kit

Took a little video on a day so cold, the camera batteries kept dying!  Got a couple of still shots from what we shot.  Temp. 16 degrees without wind chill, I think more like 6 with it! 

Working with Kit to lift his legs for the farrier.  Still has concern that it will hurt, so we go slow, and I always let him put it down when he asks.  So far so good! 

Got just enough video to show some students how to check legs.  Kit however, was not the star, had to borrow another horse from the barn for the video.  But any time with Kit is good time for me.  

And I hope for him!  

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Balance for the Horse Clinic - Juneau, WI

The day dawned bright and frigid as students arrive for "Balance for the Horse" clinic in Juneau, WI

Students came ready to learn how to read the interaction with horses in a new way, the how & why of  acupressure meridians & points, massage, & bodywork techniques.  Detailed in hand exercises to strengthen the hind quarter and stifle were just one of the hand-outs taken home for practice! 

We had a wonderful group of 11 hearty souls endured the coldest day yet this year!  We laughed, we learned, we froze a little, but we had a great day! Thank you to P.J.s Cafe in Juneau, WI for a warm and hearty lunch venue! Thank you Sue, participant #11, for taking the class photo!

Nakota, our equine student in the photo, is a rescue, recently placed in his new home. He was a little worried when he first arrived at the clinic, but once we go to work, he was glad he came!! Another rescue, recently adopted Indy, a 4 year old thoroughbred, was also happy his owner brought him, and learned new techniques for working with him.

Many thanks J & K Stables, Juneau, WI, Owner Katie K., daughter Jessica & staff, for all their hard work, preparing a wonderful site for the class. The indoor with stalls on either end gave us plenty of room to do demonstrations and work on horses individually.

Happy horse owner, Erin, brought her mare Holly, to practice the techniques on. Erin said, she'd only had her mare since the spring, when she was adopted from a former breeding facility where she served as a receiving mare.

The time in the stall working on her opened up a whole new side of her that she had never seen.  As techniques were practice, and Holly would relax, she would slip over to Erin and tuck her head under her arm before releasing.  This was a new dimension to this little mare that Erin had not yet seen, and the beginning of a new and wonderful relationship for them both.

Several sensitive spots were identified on Holly, and Erin now has skills to use, to help her release the tension.  Bringing balance and freedom of movement to her horse.

What students had to say about the class:

What I liked best about the training...." That the class size was small so we were able to do a lot of hands on." Erin W. Ripon, WI

"She (Tami) was a very good at communicating with both people & horses. It's a whole new way of "seeing" your horse!" Claudia S. Portage, WI

"This class with Tami, enables horse lovers to truly become partners with their horses, not just a horse owner." Sue S. Oxford, WI 


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Turn Out Successes

Great news on turn-out success.  Kit has greatly reduced all swelling on the shoulder. Started him on Arnica Montana in addition to the Vaxamine EQ, which I'm sure are both helping.  However, I still believe movement has been key.  There is less mud, which was causing suction on the leg, in this turn-out. It is also smaller to decrease the temptation to buck it up!  

Note the dirt pattern!  
After the first night out, he was laying on the right side (the injured side), pressing his shoulder into the soft, cold ground!  I'm sure instinct was applying an ice pack!  His movement is much better and he is actually very playful. 

Took a new muck bucket (bright orange) (a gift from an awesome client...thank you Kristen!) to use for his water, it holds 14 gallons, but before I got 4 gallons into it...the games were on!  That rope handle was just too interesting, and "gee Mom, look at me, if I pull on this, I can shake, shake, shake, it and make the water fly!"  Oh what fun he had!  He was so persistent, I had to cut one handle off, just keep him from dumping it.  

I'd call his name as he played, he's stop and look at me, I'd tell him to quit, and I swear with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes, he'd reply with a, "But it's fun!!!"  and back at it!  It was good to see. Could not help laughing! 

Visual of the dramatic improvement from the front. Notice the stance, both feet on the ground, he is weighting it.  

Also worth noting check out the difference in muscle development along the Femur, (the bone between the knee and shoulder), that left leg has been literally pumping iron.  As we heal, plans are to begin therapeutic exercises, along with bodywork, to bring his body back into balance.  

Current modalities being used in recovery, are acupressure, massage, and Reiki.  Some very light bodywork techniques, but bodywork it not really practical or needed at this point, that will come later. 

Happy boy, enjoying grain, and supplements.  He also gets Cosequin ASU, a joint supplement recommended by his veterinarian.  According to the vet, the extra ingredients in Cosequin ASU, is avocado/soybean extracts that are reported to prevent the formation of arthritis!  It does appear to help, he is on double dosage (2-scoops) for the first 2 months of treatment, and will go to 1 scoop/normal dose, beginning in January.  I'll keep you posted on progress with this product, and comparison to the past x-rays, which did show arthritis beginning to form at the injury.  

Cosequin ASU combines the proprietary formula of Cosequin with ASU (avocado/soybean unsaponifiables) and MSM for more powerful joint support for horses. Each 2 scoop of Cosequin ASU serving contains 14,400 mg glucosamine hydrochloride and 2400 mg low molecular weight chondroitin sulfate, plus 2100 mg ASU and 10,000 mg MSM.