Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Kit 2016

Kit continues to be sound and well balanced.  While I no longer do a progressive blog on him, I thought you'd enjoy seeing this video of him, 5 years post injury.  We have full range of motion to the shoulder, balanced movement of gait, and foot balance.  This was not achieved through just my work.  My work would have been lost after every trim, if I had not had an excellent farrier, who worked to balance not only the hoof but the entire leg through corrective trim and eventually shoeing of the front. My thanks to Chad Bembenek Triangle P Enterprises LLC for his skill and patience over these many years.

Kit in Motion video link

The right shoulder (closest in video) is the one that was broken.
I will be eternally grateful to Kit, for going through this experience, and allowing me to learn through his injury.  That and the fact that every time I'm with him he makes me smile!