Friday, April 6, 2012

Green Grass = Happy Horse

Kit indulging in green grass heaven!

I was out of town for 10 days visiting family and working on horses in Arkansas and Oklahoma.
Last day of the trip, the barn owner called, Kit was shaking his left hind...she'd never seen him do this before.

So I asked questions:
1. Any swelling?  No
2. Anything caught on the leg? No
3. Is he acting like he is in pain?  No
He just was doing this odd, shake, step, shake of the left hind. She wanted me to be aware of it.

I think I know what it is...but can't get there until tomorrow, flying in at noon. 

Not the best photo, but notice all 4 feet are fairly clean.  I hosed him down, checked all over the left hind, and found no swelling, cut, puncture, or sensitivity.
So I lifted the foot and checked my suspicions...yep, there it was, a string of frog, about 3 inches long and 1/2 inch wide...and it was all that remained of his old new frog was evident.

Not sure if anyone else has this, but I've noticed when Kit sheds his (especially hind) frogs, they appear to come off in one large piece. I suspect this is what happened the day before, and to him it was rather like a shoe with the sole flapping, his shaking was an attempt to get shed of it.

So nice to come home to a non-emergency.  Green grass was a bonus, since when we left, it had not yet sprouted. He had a little sassy attitude but a few foot moving commands brought him around to a more respectful approach.  I think he had grass envy and it was taking over!

Bonus of the day, one of the foot moves we did was light lunge right and left...both were performed without a limp!  Yippee!!!  It's going to be a very good year!