Saturday, January 14, 2012

Wisconsin Equine Clinic - Oconomowoc, WI

Well as promised, a few images of the clinic, which Dr. Jane Jardin DVM was kind enough to give us a tour of when we were there on Oct 13, 2011.
This is a very sedated Kit with Vet assistant (I'm sorry I don't know her name but she was wonderful), this area is a large open room with ultra sound imaging equipment, computer, and treatment equipment of various sorts. 

You can see the surgical room and the pre & post op padded room on the left upper corner.   The sled (that long grey thing low to the floor) is mounted on "railroad" type tracks and slides into surgery from a large and completely padded room, where the horse is sedated and also where they "come around".  When in the room the sled is completely level with the floor to prevent injury. 
Dr. Jane Jardin, DVM shows us the surgery and explains how she equipment is used. Note the black hoses, hanging from the ceiling in the upper photo, these are for respiration during surgery. 

Clear hoses on the left back wall are various sizes to fit various trachea, again for respiration, the black hose attaches to the clear hose once in place. Equipment for various surgeries and to monitor the patients while surgery is being performed. I did not get a shot of it, but the ceiling was a collection of pulleys and ropes to hold and move large sedated legs into place.  
Recovery stalls...large and roomy. 
Intensive care stalls, monitored 24x7 with a nurses station type desk directly across the isle. Dr. Jardin explained that often the patients being monitored are foals. The open grill work allow for safety and full view of the patient.  
Arena between the surgical - health side of the clinic and the reproductive wing. 
This arena is used to do gait analysis among other things.  
Reproductive wing, my right is the laboratory, to my left is the conception area for artificial insemination. 
The conception area...Baby making!  This unit holds the mare for IE transfer.  
The laboratory where the magic happens, those containers in the rear on the floor, are freezers where semen is held. Some semen is over 20 year old, and still awaiting the right mare, to bring an off spring from a stud who has passed on physically, but still has genes to pass on.  
This was really amazing, this is a lead lined room for the MRI process.  That blue U-shaped thing, is the MRI, it can be rotated (as it is here) to image a leg of a sedated horse, laying on its side, or turned to semi-surround a standing leg.  The most critical aspect of the MRI is that the horse can NOT move.
With this caliber of technology it explains why some tests cost so much. It really impressed me that this clinic was willing to invest in the technology to find answers to many equine health questions. 
Thank you Dr. Jane Jardin, DVM for you time and enthusiasm in showing us the clinic. 
Also for yours and Dr. Langer, DVM, and the professional insight and attention you gave to Kit.  
Oconomowoc, WI 

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