Sunday, January 15, 2012

Kit Gets a Trim

Tried a new trimmer today, one I was lead to nearly a year ago, when I didn't have a horse.  Something lead me to seek her out, and after a long phone conversation, I decided to give her a try.  So very glad I did.

Monica Meer The Natural Hoof uses a Holistic approach to horse care and is also an equine dentist!!  She is very knowledgeable and has been trimming feet for 11+ years.  Kit will need his first dental this spring &  I'm very pleased with today's trim, so I'm glad I gave Monica a try.
Kit gets some bodywork prior to his trim appointment.  Got him groomed and feet picked, but thought a bodywork session would help to calm him for the process.  It did help.

Unfortunately, Kit also broke the camera after just a handful of not so great shots using the timer.  So no photos of the trim.  I'll try to get some in the next few days to post. But he was a happy camper after his hoofs were looking good again. I think he goes back to the pasture and brags to all the other horses..."look at my spiffy feet...and oh, don't I feel good after a bodywork and grooming."  Not bragging...just saying...with a twinkle in his eyes.

His relapse we had in November, turned out to be an abscess, that Monica found. It has healed well and is not a concern now, but important to note and keep an eye out for future.  There is so much to know about feet!  Guess I'll be doing some (MORE) reading.
We tried various ways to get Kit to allow his left front to be lifted and worked on. What finally worked was Monica asked me to lift it, as Kit trusted me, and once I got it up and held firmly, she could slip in and work on it.   I proceeded to lift one front and then the other, starting with the right. This was to just help Kit to understand what I intended to do.  That and that I would give his foot back and not hold it too long.  After doing this several times, I held the left and this allowed Monica to work.  We repeated this numerous times, with a great outcome, and 4 finished feet!

The only negative of the day was I got a good knee to the jaw at one point in the lifting process.  Which just told me I was pushing too hard and needed to back up. Which...once my eyes stopped watering...I did.  Happy to say patience and pressure points were much more effective in the requesting.  Got to remember that for next time!  Nothing broken, but I have a fat lip, tiny chip to 1 tooth, and suspect I may be a bit sore tomorrow.  Lesson learned! 

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  1. Oh no!! I hope u feel better after that knee to the face :(
    Good to know you have found a good trimmer, that will be so great for Kit. Watching his diet, and good trimming will set him up for success :) I see she trained after her mare had foundered. Isn't that what brings so many of us to barefoot care and learning. :) xo