Sunday, January 1, 2012

Jan 1, 2011

Headed to the barn for the start of 2012.  Checking on Kit and worming today. As I drove up, here he was with his buddy (near twin) Oakley, both butts to the wind...matched set.

Kit is on the left.  But as soon as he saw it was me...this was my next shot. 
Hi ya, Moms!  
What a great feeling to know he knows me and wants to be with me.  
I took apples slices and carrots along, but not this guy, he just does not eat them.  No worries the other members of his herd (totally 5) were all happy to step up and eat what he would not touch. 
"Hey Kit...ah, gonna eat that?" 

Not a scrap was left.  Happy horses abounded.  

Good progress yesterday shooting video instructions. But then hubby, Skip got a bit of me working on Kit. Got a good poll & pressure point release of the shoulder...he still has trouble with this, due to the shoulder injury...yes the restriction of the injury does manifest in his poll and neck.  He tends to push the "work" from the shoulder into his neck and opposite shoulder.  When he gets trimmed by the farrier, he pushes his entire front weight into his head and neck...which he rests on my shoulder.  Happy to help buddy...but really glad the farrier is quick. 

Well the time to leave came quickly, as I could not feel my fingers, but Kit was ok with the short visit...not too thrilled with the wormer...said it tasted funny, and stuck to the roof of his mouth.  Had to get a big ol drink of water to get it down...and go eat some hay to kill the taste. 

 Bye Kit!
  Uh, yeah, bye bye Moms! 

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