Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Images of Kits Shoulder

As promised, the image results of x-rays and ultra sound of Kit's right shoulder.
The darker crecent shape that of the joint being held open by swelling. The break lines are on the forward portion of the humerus bone (the one at the bottom of the joint), that buldge to the left, the darker shadowy area is the break. The second break is to the rear of the joint again on the humerus, and it is the darker shadowy area there.  They are healing so they are a bit less clear in the image.
This image is a bit closer in and at a bit of an angle, showing the view a bit form to the front of the joint.

The green arrow is pointing to an actual fracture line of the bone, on ultra sound image, the bone edge is the white line.  Any breaks in that line indicate fracture or bone fragments as in the image below. 
The good part of this image, is that motled white area above the bone, that my MUSCLE. And while there is still fluid (i.e. swelling and blood) to be disappated from the tissue, that muscle is alive and healthy. 
This is the shoulder muscle only, but at the bottome those two white dots side by side, are bone fragments.  They will stay there and do no harm, and they are not in the joint itself, so healing is looking good.

Update as of today, Kit is moving very well, and eating even better!  Has a warm and shaggy winter coat already, oh dear does that mean a hard winter?  He is reported to take time each day to trot and canter in his turn out, finishing off with a big buck, after which he limps for 3 steps, then walks normally.  I think, he is testing it out, and checks daily for his own progress. 

Shoulder is much less distorted.  I'll try for new pictures this weekend.  The swelling is down considerably, and he has much less pain.  Eyes are clear and attitude is evident!

He had his second trim last week and we were able to support him gently, while the farrier, did her work on the supporting left front.  Complete trim took less than an hour.  Woo Hoo!!!! 

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