Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Wonderful Thanksgiving with family.  We are blessed.  Mom up and sassy, as was her brother, my Uncle George!  Great day, great food, and wonderful company.  Oh, and the Packers won!   Too bad Arkansas Razorbacks couldn't have done the same the next day.

Kit on the other hand, has had a set back, his leg has swollen at the shoulder again.  Unsure of what happened, but suspect he did too much too soon, and with the mud right now may have just moved wrong.

I've started him on Vaximine and he is out in a smaller turn out with no buddies.  There are right next door and he can touch noses over the fence, but none in the paddock with him.

Yesterday as I brought him from the stall, he was inside over night, he wouldn't even weight the leg.  We were back to hopping, very slowly, to move.  But as I tempted him with grass, just a few steps further, and he began to move more, he would tentatively try the leg.  I got the Vaximine in him, and we just went very slow, but after 10 minutes we made it to the much desired grass.  I held him and let him graze for a good 45 minutes.  All the while he would try the leg, or hold on the toe, then try again.  I'm happy to say by the time we moved off the grass he was walking on all 4's.  Limping but walking.  I really think movement is key, so tonight he stays out, I want him to move about and keep the leg active.  Stalls are just too confining.  Motion is lotion!

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