Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Trim for Kit

 Kit is progressing well and responds well to multiple touch techniques I've been using on him.  Reiki, pressure point, and massage, as well as modified bodywork when needed.  He has gradually improved in the way he carries his body and movement.   He got trimmed 4 weeks ago, by an excellent, and most patient farrier Kendra Skorstad, who took the 1 1/2 hours of work to get all 4 feet trimmed and shaped.
His feet prior to the trim.

With gentle persistance and a willingness to allow Kit to find his comfortable spot, we got it done.  When trimming his injured leg, Kit would position himself against the stall wall and lean on it for support. He is very smart!

To finish the left front, or support leg, (the one doing all the work as the right is the injured leg), we could only lift it for seconds at a time.  I offered the wall for Kit to lean on, but evidently the pressure on the shoulder was painful and he would not do this as he had on the left side.  Ultimately, he moved in close to me, pressing his nose into my chest, I held his head under the jaw and he allowed Kendra to pick up the left front leg long enough to trim and finish it.

In this position, Kit transferred his weight into his neck and head, putting tremendous amount of weight into me, pushing into my chest, and hand, as I held.  My husband watched, wanting to step in as he saw my arm trembling with the strain of holding Kit up, but his fear of breaking the spell that was allowing the trim held him back.  I was grateful, for his intent and his good judgement, as I too think it may have broken the spell.  He even feared taking a photo my interfer, so we don't have a picture, but we do have a TRIM!!

What amazing creatures horses are...

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