Friday, September 2, 2011

My horse Kit

The history on Kit is as follows, he was given to me just over a month ago, when a client called to ask me to find him a home. He is a registered quarter horse and the grandson of sire High Brow Cat.

He was found down in his turn out at the end of April,  his right front leg appeared to be injured, and suspected to be an abscess.  There had been a lot of rain and the turn out was muddy and slick. No abscess was found and still he did not get up.  10 days later he finally was up, but only using 3 legs, his right front hung limp and inactive from his side, as he moved in tripod fashion.  His back bowed and rear legs tucked unnaturally under his body. 

For 2 months he used this method to move around, and miraculously the left leg has supported him through it all.  As this time progressed, the muscles of the shoulder atrophied, and it was felt he was of no use.  He was to be put down, but the owner's wife wanted to give him time, I'm glad she did! 

Kit as of 1 month ago, began using the right front, not with full weight, but he is walking and moving more normally now on all 4 legs.  Healing is occuring, ever so slowly, but healing none the less. 

I agreed to take Kit, to use what I know, and what I'm learning each day to work with him toward healing.  I will continue to document in this blog the progress, victory and failures as we progress, in the hopes that it will help other horses and owners to work through such a serious injury.

 first day - prior to any work.

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