Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day at the Barn

At the barn today, Kit got groomed, and Professional Photographer-Carrie Swan took photos of us.  My birthday present from her. What fun it was posing with Kit.

I've posted some I took today below.

He has adapted very well to his new surroundings, and the pony Shasta, has decided he is her new boyfriend...not sure Kit is aware of the situation, but he is not being left alone and that makes him happy and more relaxed. His initial turn out was individual, with fence access to the herd, however, when they got out of sight he became more anxious, trotting and even cantering around his enclosure. While I was thrilled to see him move this much, I was also concerned it might be too soon, so we opted to let Shasta join him in the turn out.  She basically said "It's about time....come here sweetheart!"

Kit did well on bodywork #5, with great progress in lifting and allowing 3 feet to be picked and cleaned.  Still can't lift and hold the left front, as the right front will still not support the weight.  He also allowed the release of the shoulder/withers juncture on the left, which was big, since this is the working/non-injured side.  We had to go slow and attempt it numberous times, but eventually it opened and released, with lots of nice big yawns for release. 
How do you like this 2 footed move...pretty neat!

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