Thursday, December 1, 2011

Turn Out Successes

Great news on turn-out success.  Kit has greatly reduced all swelling on the shoulder. Started him on Arnica Montana in addition to the Vaxamine EQ, which I'm sure are both helping.  However, I still believe movement has been key.  There is less mud, which was causing suction on the leg, in this turn-out. It is also smaller to decrease the temptation to buck it up!  

Note the dirt pattern!  
After the first night out, he was laying on the right side (the injured side), pressing his shoulder into the soft, cold ground!  I'm sure instinct was applying an ice pack!  His movement is much better and he is actually very playful. 

Took a new muck bucket (bright orange) (a gift from an awesome client...thank you Kristen!) to use for his water, it holds 14 gallons, but before I got 4 gallons into it...the games were on!  That rope handle was just too interesting, and "gee Mom, look at me, if I pull on this, I can shake, shake, shake, it and make the water fly!"  Oh what fun he had!  He was so persistent, I had to cut one handle off, just keep him from dumping it.  

I'd call his name as he played, he's stop and look at me, I'd tell him to quit, and I swear with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes, he'd reply with a, "But it's fun!!!"  and back at it!  It was good to see. Could not help laughing! 

Visual of the dramatic improvement from the front. Notice the stance, both feet on the ground, he is weighting it.  

Also worth noting check out the difference in muscle development along the Femur, (the bone between the knee and shoulder), that left leg has been literally pumping iron.  As we heal, plans are to begin therapeutic exercises, along with bodywork, to bring his body back into balance.  

Current modalities being used in recovery, are acupressure, massage, and Reiki.  Some very light bodywork techniques, but bodywork it not really practical or needed at this point, that will come later. 

Happy boy, enjoying grain, and supplements.  He also gets Cosequin ASU, a joint supplement recommended by his veterinarian.  According to the vet, the extra ingredients in Cosequin ASU, is avocado/soybean extracts that are reported to prevent the formation of arthritis!  It does appear to help, he is on double dosage (2-scoops) for the first 2 months of treatment, and will go to 1 scoop/normal dose, beginning in January.  I'll keep you posted on progress with this product, and comparison to the past x-rays, which did show arthritis beginning to form at the injury.  

Cosequin ASU combines the proprietary formula of Cosequin with ASU (avocado/soybean unsaponifiables) and MSM for more powerful joint support for horses. Each 2 scoop of Cosequin ASU serving contains 14,400 mg glucosamine hydrochloride and 2400 mg low molecular weight chondroitin sulfate, plus 2100 mg ASU and 10,000 mg MSM.

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  1. Haha! Glad that Kit likes his 'new' toy :)
    I just put Laz on MSM too. I think playing is SUCH a great sign that he's feeling better!